Jafe Jaffles, Sydney

One of the best things about Vivid Sydney is the materialisation of a food truck village in Martin Place, which is conveniently located only a few steps from my office. The one I was most excited about trying was Jafe Jaffles, which in food truck form, is a Kombi van meandering around Sydney delivering creatively named jaffles and soup. I was devastated when my jaffle maker was somehow lost when we moved house, and though we have bought others since, they’re just not the same! As a result, I had been waiting years for a good jaffle by the time I stopped by the Jafe Jaffle stand last Friday night.

Jafe Jaffles @Vivid Sydney

Jafe Jaffles @Vivid Sydney

The witty names of jaffles and soup made choosing just one all the more difficult. Should I go for a Jafael Nadal or Three Blind Mice? Perhaps a soup of Megan Kale? In the end, I went for Bob Pork – Japanese pork belly chashu with ‘forbidden sauce’, cabbage and mayo. After a very specific 4 minute wait, I received two nicely browned triangles with chunks of pork belly peeking out of the edges and a dollop of Kewpie mayo on the side.

Bob Pork - Japanese chashu pork belly in forbidden sauce with cabbage and mayo on white loaf

Bob Pork – Japanese chashu pork belly in forbidden sauce with cabbage and mayo on white loaf

Combined with the peppered mayo, the jaffle was delicious, with the spiced pork working well with the cabbage and the crunchy toasted bread. I was, however, disappointed that most of the filling was concentrated in one half of the jaffle, with the other half, in the end, resembling a rather deflated cabbage sandwich. I would have also preferred the pork to be more tender. On the whole, enough to satisfy my jaffle craving for a while, but I’ll be continuing my search for the perfect jaffle maker!

Jafe Jaffles
Various locations around Sydney
T: 0466 343 133
W: Jafe Jaffles

Jafe Jaffles on Urbanspoon

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