Izakaya Kuroki, Chatswood

If you’ve been following my blog, you will remember I posted in my review of Khao Pla that I only ended up there because a Japanese restaurant that I wanted to go to was closed. Izakaya Kuroki was that restaurant and the main reason I was keen on going here was for its chicken karaage, which is one of the best that I’ve ever had. It doesn’t look like traditional karaage; it actually reminds me of KFC Hot & Spicy in appearance! There is an earth-shattering crunch when you bite into a piece and the meat is juicy and tender and has incredible flavour. It’s worth going to Kuroki for this dish alone.

Karaage Basket

Karaage Basket

I usually only order seaweed salads at Japanese restaurant, and after ordering the soba salad, I was wishing I’d followed my instinct. The soba was limp and the mayonnaise dressing was too rich and overpowering. The best part of the dish was the crispy lotus chips on the side – I would have loved more of those!

Soba Salad

Soba Salad

I liked the creamy miso sauce that accompanied the scallops we had next, however the scallops themselves were a bit tough. The mushrooms, on the other hand, were very tasty and worked well with the sauce and fried garlic bits scattered over the top.

Baked Scallop with Miso Cream

Baked Scallop with Miso Cream

Salmon sashimi is a dish that I always order and Kuroki’s was excellent. Fresh, with a subtle flavour and slippery texture that allows the sashimi to slide down your throat, this is a definite favourite.

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

We finished the meal with Kuroki’s chicken and mushroom skewers, which were delicious! There is a choice of salt, miso or soy seasonings and we went with the waitress’s recommendation of soy. I was glad we did because the savoury marinade perfectly complemented the tender chicken chunks and mushrooms which had lovely caramelisation on the outside.

Kuroki Skewer - Soy

Kuroki Skewer – Soy


  • Chicken karaage. Order it.
  • The Kuroki skewers were also excellent and you can’t go wrong with the sashimi.
  • Service is wonderful; the waitresses are very friendly and always remember us when we return. Food comes out very quickly too!

Izakaya Kuroki
300A Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW 2067
T: (02) 9415 3670
W: Izakaya Kuroki

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2 thoughts on “Izakaya Kuroki, Chatswood

    • The sauce was great, but as I mentioned, the scallops were a bit chewy – hopefully that was just a one-off!

      We come here quite a lot and generally have pretty great food, so would definitely recommend it!


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