EatNow Experience – Bodhi Thai, Castle Cove

While I love to bake, I’m not so confident with cooking ‘proper’ food for meals, which means that home delivery is a blessing on those (frequent) days when I haven’t planned ahead for dinner. The main issue is deciding where to order from, as I tend to just order from my ‘regulars’, which is where EatNow comes in handy. I was recently asked to review this online home delivery service which allows you to search for restaurants that deliver to your area and order from any of them using interactive takeaway menus. EatNow1

According to EatNow, 80% of restaurants that deliver to my suburb are Thai, which is fine as I do like Thai food, although more variety would be nice! I end up ordering from Bodhi Thai, a restaurant that I’d never tried before and to be honest, didn’t even know existed! The ordering process was simple; a matter of picking what you want, registering your contact and address details and choosing a payment method (card, PayPal or cash). Mere seconds after I placed the order, I received an SMS from EatNow, confirming the order and the time that it would be delivered.

40 minutes later (10 minutes later than advised in the SMS), our food arrived and it looked to be quite a substantial meal for only just over $50. As I’ve mentioned a number of times, I’m a huge fan of soft shell crab so I was keen to try the garlic and pepper pu nim. The battered soft shell crab was crunchy, however the accompanying fried garlic and black pepper sauce was quite salty.

Garlic and Pepper Pu Nim

Garlic and Pepper Pu Nim

The lemongrass chicken was super spicy for me, or I may have just been unlucky with the chilli!

Lemongrass Chicken

Lemongrass Chicken

I really enjoyed the fried rice with roast duck – you generally can’t go too wrong with Thai fried rice, but the roast duck added another level of savoury richness.

Special Fried Rice with Duck Meat

Special Fried Rice with Duck Meat


  • The food at Bodhi Thai was reasonable without being outstanding, and prices were not too expensive.
  • Using EatNow was super easy and it would definitely be handy for those days when you just can’t think of what you want to eat for dinner – or in my case, when you arrive home from overseas without your suitcase and you spend the entire day on the phone with airlines trying to track down your luggage!
  • Another reason to try out EatNow is for the chance to win a foodie holiday to Morocco, Italy or Mexico – just vote for your favourite takeaway place by Friday 10 October (click on the banner below to enter). I would definitely be off to Morocco if I won! EatNow-Best Eats banner

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored blog post, however all opinions are my own.

Bodhi Thai
16A Deepwater Road
Castle Cove NSW 2069
T: (02) 9417 8355
W: Bodhi Thai

Bodhi Thai on Urbanspoon

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