The Vogue Cafe, Macquarie Centre

I’m baaaack!

So I have clearly been very absent from my blog for a good few months, mainly due to one big change in my life – I’ve moved to Melbourne! Yes, the city of quirky bars, curious laneways and of course, fabulous food, which means plenty of places to try and review. However, for my return post, I’ll be bringing you some insanely stunning milkshakes from a café I visited when I was on a trip back to Sydney.

Nutella milkshake

Nutella milkshake

A gasp, an “OMG” and a quick prayer that your arteries won’t clog before you get through this jar of Nutella goodness are common reactions when this milkshake is brought to your table. This was actually my friend’s order, however I did manage to sneak a taste and it really was like drinking liquid Nutella, which I’m sure many of us have dreamed of doing! The shake did have a much stronger hazelnut flavour compared with the spread and was not as sweet, which was a positive, considering how rich Nutella can be.

Peanut butter milkshake

Peanut butter milkshake

For a peanut butter lover, this is a must-order. It tasted like thick melted peanut butter (with some crunch from the mountain of chopped nuts) and while it was definitely rich, it was not overwhelmingly heavy, so I did manage to slurp up almost three-quarters of the jar. I loved the super-cute mini waffle cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles that held the extra-thick straw, but I didn’t actually eat the Smarties – I’m more of an M&Ms girl.

Chocolate milkshake

Chocolate milkshake

The chocolate milkshake was the ‘simplest’ of the drinks we tried, but it was still very tasty. My fiancé, who is quite the chocolate milkshake connoisseur enjoyed it, although he was ambivalent about the popcorn on top and the Rice Bubbles down below.


  • Ridiculously fanciful milkshakes of your dreams – they also do specials regularly, which are even more over the top, if you can believe that!

The Vogue Café
Shop 60, Level 2, Macquarie Centre
Corner Herring and Waterloo Roads
North Ryde NSW 2113
T: (02) 9887 2570
W: The Vogue Cafe

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