Lucky Penny, South Yarra

Ice cream for breakfast? Why not, when it comes on top of a waffle and looking as impressive as this?

Waffles - Lucky Penny - wanderluxelife

Waffles with waffles, chocolate ganache, lemon curd and seasonal fruit

An upside down vanilla ice cream cone plopped onto a crisp Belgian waffle, with a quenelle of dark chocolate ganache and salt flakes, surrounded by strawberries, kiwis and quince chunks and dollops of lemon curd and waffle cone pieces – is there a more fun way to start the day?

Loved the combination of the tart lemon curd with the slight bitterness of the chocolate ganache, which really stops the dish from becoming a total sweetness overload. The waffle was delicious, and retained its simultaneously crisp and soft texture, even under the weight of the vanilla ice cream. Extra crunch from the waffle cone and scattered fruit pieces to make you feel like you’re being somewhat healthy are the finishing touches on a fab dish.

If you’ve still got room, the hand shaken salted caramel milk shake is awesome! Not as thick as your average milkshake, so it is more like caramel milk but the flavour comes through very clearly and for an added bonus, there are remnants of caramel at the bottom of the jar which you can suck up for an extra hit of salted caramel goodness.

Lucky Penny
481 Chapel Street
South Yarra VIC 3141
P: 03 9827 5789
W: Lucky Penny

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