EatNow Experience – Bodhi Thai, Castle Cove

While I love to bake, I’m not so confident with cooking ‘proper’ food for meals, which means that home delivery is a blessing on those (frequent) days when I haven’t planned ahead for dinner. The main issue is deciding where to order from, as I tend to just order from my ‘regulars’, which is where EatNow comes in handy. I was recently asked to review this online home delivery service which allows you to search for restaurants that deliver to your area and order from any of them using interactive takeaway menus. EatNow1 Continue reading

Recipe Roadtest: Sans Rival

When my brother requested Sans Rival for his birthday this year, we thought he was joking. While Sans Rival is a Filipino dessert, its name means ‘without rival’ in French and I can tell you that there are not many desserts that can rival the richness of this cake. Layers of meringue and buttercream are slathered with even more buttercream and chopped cashews to make an incredibly indulgent dessert. Having eaten Sans Rival frequently in the Philippines, my sister and I were unsure of whether we could faithfully recreate it in all its glory, however we did find this relatively simple recipe and decided to give it a go.

Sans Rival

Sans Rival

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